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Janine Starkey is the managing member, head designer, stylist, buyer and facilitator of Recreating You. Janine Starkey qualified in fashion design at the London International School of Fashion with an International Higher Diploma in Fashion design and Technology. She spent the first five years of her career working at Egoli- Franz Marx Films as head of the wardrobe department. Three years ago the “House of Janine” was born as the brainchild of this talented designer and is comprised of two elements, namely Recreating You and Triiiniiity.

Recreating You – specializes in styling and buying, etiquette and grooming for companies and individuals. Triiiniiity – is a men’s and ladies corporate designer clothing label.

Janine’s passion lies in making men and women feel wonderful about themselves, as the “House of Janine” believes:

“To look good is to feel good and to feel good is to perform”.

Subjects covered :

• Colour
• Style
• Body analysis
• Silhouette and body shape
• Do’s and don’t of fashion and styling
• Power and Corporate dressing
• How to enhance your assets and hide your faults
• Self image – personality, manners and improvements
• What to wear – demonstration
• When to wear
• How to wear – demonstration
• Where to buy and how to buy in budget
• Make-up application and the best colours for you
• Hair style for the face
• Skin maintenance and good grooming
• Accessories – how to wear them – demonstration
• The rules of etiquette
• Customer relations
• Telephone etiquette
• Communication – illustration
• Body language
• Eating and dining etiquette
• Conflict within the office environment
• Grooming – professional and personal – hands, hair and body
• Posture – how you present yourself – illustration
• Deportment – how you carry yourself
• Manners – what’s right and what’s wrong
• Behaviour

Who is House of Janine?


House of Janine is a leading South African image consultancy that understands the art of style – how to dress men and women to reflect their personalities, their own dynamism, their charm… We believe that you can only perform optimally, both in the professional arena as well as in your social circle, if you look good and feel confident.

House of Janine has lead workshops on corporate imaging for clients such as Sony International, McDonald’s, KPMG, FNB, SAMRO, Discovery Health, Sanlam, SizweNtsabluba vsp, GQ magazine, First For Women, Virgin Active, Hollard, Sun International, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Citadel, Dermalogica, MNet Communications and PR department, Adams and Adams, NEF, DTI, Bell Dewar, GEMS, and BDO, to name but a few.


Overall Corporate Image

Be yourself within your brand

Subjects – may be tailored to your requirements


1. Personal style – personality dressing

 Accessorizing – how too and how not too

 Dressing your figure – illusion dressing

2. Corporate style – combination dressing – dos and don’ts

 Corporate grooming – hands, feet and body

3. Make up application – how too

 Hair consultation and suggestions – picture references

4. Colour analysis

 Power dressing

 Combination dressing

5. Budget buying

 How to shop – where to shop

 How to build a successful wardrobe

6. Deportment – posture, how to walk, how to carry oneself

 Body language – your body speaks more than you do

7. Etiquette

 function etiquette

 corporate etiquette

 social etiquette

8. Introductions and Mingling – blunders, shaking hands, Guest arrival

 Social grace in the workplace – office parties, sexual harassment

9. Functions dressing – what to wear when

 Association dressing – what to wear when

10. The power of presentation dressing

11. Sales and style – your image speaks 1000 words

12. Personal branding – creating your personal brand

13. Build credibility and increase visibility

14. Develop a powerful personal presence


The Overall Corporate Image Programme


This flagship programme guides delegates through the delicate arts of Corporate Imaging, Corporate Etiquette, and Corporate Behaviour – in the boardroom, in an office environment, and in social occasions.

The OCI programme is about building and improving your personal brand as well as representing the corporate brand, ensuring that the team members all “speak the same language”. Although we are all individuals, a great team requires tools to ensure their behaviour and decorum sends a message of excellence to the outside world.

The Programme can be custom-tailored to suit any company’s unique requirements.


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