Jacques Lagesse

An Audio Engineer by profession, Jacques Lagesse has placed great emphasis on the right sound – a soothing unobtrusive ambience is guaranteed.

Apart from performing at up-market company functions around the country with his full complement of music and PA equipment, he has the ability to perform without any power source (“unplugged” is the term we use…).

From the Mellow tones of the Acoustic Guitar . . . to the Sophisticated Swing of Sinatra!

Jacques Lagesse is an entertainer whose vocal sound is frequently referred to as ‘rich’ and ‘velvet-lined’ and is often compared to the latter-day Crooners – most notably Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and more recently Michael Bublé. Book Jacques now through Conference Speakers

Furthermore, Jacques has a transmitter/receiver for his voice and guitar and is thus able to ‘roam’ large venues creating an “walking minstrel” feel. However, apart from performing with his full complement of music and PA equipment, Jacques has the ability to perform completely “unplugged” without the need of a power source – the perfect entertainer during times of load shedding.

Born from Mauritian stock, Jacques has a strong flair for Latin rhythms and has included many Bossa nova and Samba tunes to his expansive repertoire.  He enjoyed a contract in Dubai where he performed to a cosmopolitan audience at a few of the major hotels.  Jacques continues to record the Music of Yester-years and some original songs in his own studio – music that he feels should be shared with all ages.

Jacques Lagesse – Conference Entertainer repertoire consists mainly of popular brands of Laid-back Jazz Standards and Evergreen Romantic Ballads.  With his classic dress sense, one is reminded of Sinatra in his hey- day.

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