Jacques de Villiers

Jacques helps sales-focused companies convert visitors into prospects, prospects into customers and customers into super-fans.

With more than 26 years experience in marketing, public relations, direct sales copywriting and sales, Jacques is ideally suited to help companies that are struggling and failing to hit their sales targets.

Jacques de Villiers – philosopher
Jacques de Villiers

His keynotes and training are designed to help companies attract, keep and grow their customers:

  1. Attract new customers: Learn marketing and sales strategies that’ll attract quality customers to your company and weed out those that aren’t the right fit for your offering.
  2. Grow your share of wallet: Discover how to influence your customers to keep coming back to your company and spend more money with you.
  3. Turn customers into super-fans: Build a tribe of loyal customers who’ll support your company, talk it up and tell their tribes about it.

Jacques has been sharing his sales conversion strategies with audiences from Malmesbury to Milan.

He has been invited to present to more than 1200 audiences over the past 22 years.

In this time, he has led six sales teams, written 10 books and 14 training programmes including,

  • How to Persuade Anyone to Buy Almost Anything (keynote/workshop)
  • Artificial Intelligence Marketing (keynote/workshop)
  • Purpose-Driven Selling (keynote/workshop)
  • How to Write Content that Converts (workshop)
  • Copywriting For Profit (workshop)
  • Resonance Marketing (workshop)
  • The Architecture of Selling (workshop)
  • Transformational Sales Management (workshop)
  • Direct Marketing for Entrepreneurs (workshop)
  • Pitching and Presentation Skills for Sales Professionals (workshop)
  • How to Craft Sales Generating Landing Pages (workshop)
  • How to Write Lead Magnets and Create Sales Funnels (workshop)
  • How to Write Winning Prospecting Scripts (workshop)
  • Key Account Management: How to Keep and Grow Your Customer Base (workshop)

Jacques de Villiers – Sales Conversion Specialist

Clients typically engage with Jacques when:

  • Sales teams are struggling and failing to hit their targets
  • Sales teams are fractured, demotivated, dispirited and disjointed
  • Sales managers fail to motivate their team
  • Websites are not converting visitors to sales
  • Prospecting scripts aren’t producing sales appointments
  • Email marketing campaigns and sales landing pages are floundering
  • Marketing and sales copy is not converting


  • I have been on a couple of seminars that Jacques has facilitated and the information that he has imparted has been a Business Changing Event. We at Capacity Company have applied the information that we had been taught and it has literally changed the way we do business. Thank you Jacques. Lars Lofstrand, Owner, The Capacity Company

  • There are very few business people out there with as sharp a grasp of human nature, what motivates people, what compels people and how people think, as Jacques de Villiers. Jacques has combined knowledge and experienced gained over many years in diverse spheres of industry into various impactful offerings in the form of writing, training, motivation and speaking – and he’s done it cleverly, wittily and effectively. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Jacques over the years. I look forward to many more years of learning from him and I encourage others to make contact with him and begin doing the same. Tiffany Markman, Copywriter, Editor and Trainer

  • I have already done R82 000 – it is really working. Senisha Moodley, Real People

  • I reached my 600k target last month all because of your phenomenal teachings! Big ups Jacques!!! Pulane Modimoeng, Plaza Board

  • Jacques is the most intelligent and fun presenter. His drive to keep learning makes his teaching very relevant. Jacques is always current and the manner in which he imparts knowledge is unique. His style is both entertaining and deep. Adele Biani, Managing Director Front Foot Strategic Consulting

  • Jacques is an entertaining speaker with great human connection and in depth knowledge that helps the audience make decisions and make clear decisions. I highly recommend Jacques. Richard Riche, One Clear Message

  • A while ago, I was given the opportunity to attend a sales training workshop by Jacques, and was pleasantly surprised – he’s a compelling (and hilarious) speaker, an expert in his field, with a quirky, relatable personality. He exceeds expectations, does business with integrity, and genuinely just a pleasure to engage with. I have utmost respect for Jacques, and would recommend him in a heartbeat. Kirsty Coetzee, Tinswalo Lodges

  • Jacques, your presentation was a smashing success. The delegates responded enthusiastically to your wit, humour and valuable insights. They voted you the top speaker for the day. Beulah van Rensburg, Media 24

  • Your energetic body language was magical! You totally lived up to the challenge to create team spirit at our conference opening by allowing us to ‘dress you up’ in our Huizemark brand muscles and Mexican bandana – you did not only interact with the team, but became part of us and managed to make each person feel special. What we appreciated most was your willingness to research real estate sales to enable you to use the correct terminology and make your presentation relevant to our industry.It is months later now and many agents still refer to your session as the highlight of the conference. You certainly have made lifelong fans at Huizemark! Thank you, Jacques! Adrie Barnard, Training Manager, Huizemark Franchising Group

  • Jacques knows his stuff when it comes to putting together and executing sales and marketing plans. He understands and accommodates the budgetary and resource constraints many companies face, and delivers solutions that are both effective as well as cost-effective. Niel Malan, Elite Entrepreneur

  • Jacques de Villiers – Sales Conversion Specialist is a highly skilled strategic thinker with a special ability to optimise your sales and marketing efforts. (Including social and other forms of e-marketing)I have used his services on many occasions. He has improved my lead generation and conversion programmes. Phillip de Wet, Coid Support

If you want to turn visitors into prospects, prospects into customers and customers into super-fans so that your sales team can hit its sales targets, then consider Jacques for your next conference, workshop or training session.

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