Irene Fischer-Pure Inspiration

Irene Fischer-Pure Inspiration sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a harrowing car accident in 2009. It catapulted her into a completely foreign world – that of the disabled.

How does one process the loss when you are so suddenly and unexpect­edly put through a baptism of fire and you come out repackaged as a handi­capped person?

What do you do with the shreds that remain? Well, just ask her…through Conference Speakers

Irene Fischer-Pure Inspiration

Irene Fischer-Pure Inspiration

Irene Fischer-Pure Inspiration


In February 2009 Irene started working as a radio presenter at OFM in Bloemfontein. In October of that same year she was involved in a horrific car crash when a truck, carrying 25 ton of maize, skipped a red traffic light and slammed into her car. (To put that in perspective: An average elephant weights roughly six ton. So figuratively speaking there were four elephants on the back of the truck as well as 1000kg of bricks.)

Irene Fischer-Pure Inspiration sustained a severe traumatic brain injury due to the vicious impact with which the truck collided into her car. The consequent damage to her brain left her as a hemiplegic with a slight speech impediment. Irene received years of physical therapy because she had to relearn how to talk, eat and walk.

She has regained a lot of movement and strength since 2009 due to her incredible self-motivation and fierce determination to regain a certain sense of normality. Her total lack of self-pity and her firm belief that attitude determines altitude, will make you believe that whatever the mind can conceive the body can achieve.


Irene realised earlier on that there is a massive information gap in Society regarding brain injuries and brain damage because she came face to face with a tremendous amount of human ignorance after sustaining the TBI.

She has thus decided to dedicate her life to make a difference, because she believes if you educate people more about any given disability it will lead to better understanding which will naturally result into increased levels of respect, compassion and patience.


Irene wrote a non-fiction memoir called I am Still Here that chronicles her journey and road to recovery since the accident. Her book is filled with wisdom and the valuable lessons that she has learnt since that life-changing moment. Surprising, sometimes dis­tressing discoveries are alternated with a spontaneous sense of humour that maintains the balance between light and dark, despair and optimism.

I am Still Here is Irene’s debut novel and it is also available in Afrikaans, Ek is Nog Hier. Follow CSI on Twitter


Since her book was launched in October 2015 she was nominated for two South African Independent Publisher Awards 2016 and in March 2016 at The Athol Fugard and JM Coetzee Book Festival in Book Town, Richmond (Karoo), she won The Mariam Tlali Book Prize for best autobiography as well as The Boekbedonnerd Prize for best overall self-published book at the festival.

Irene has also been invited to three other literary festivals in 2016: The Breyten Breytenbach Book Fair in Montagu (8-10 July); Boekjol in Pretoria (19-20 August) and The Boekbedonnerd Festival in Richmond, Karoo (27-29 October).

Irene Fischer-Pure Inspiration


 “This book is a heart-rending, life-affirming read from a huge, shining soul”. Celeste Vinassa

“It is a bubbling pot of laughter and tears, shock and joy. One word: Brilliant”! Tembi Rea

“Irene is a survivor and her wonderful story will motivate anyone to achieve the unthinkable”. Ricky Valecik

“What an incredibly awe inspiring woman! Who gets driven over by a multi ton truck, survives, gets up, and succeeds? Irene did.” Chris Jordan

“Gripping!” Ilse Salzwedel


In order to enlighten as many people as possible in South Africa about the repercussions of brain injuries, Irene has been on the Afrikaans actuality show Kwêla on kykNET (dstv channel 144) twice and the radio stations that has interviewed her includes: OFM (Free State), Jacaranda FM (Gauteng), RSG (Nationwide), SAfm (Nationwide), Knysna FM and Bosveld Stereo.

She started presenting her inspirational talks in 2012. Since 2012 she speaks once a year to the third year physiotherapy students at Kovsies (the University of the Free State) and she is contracted by WITS (University of the Witwatersrand) in Johannesburg as Vendor to speak twice a year to the third year physiotherapy students. She has also given talks at SASOL; Grey College in Bloemfontein as well as numerous Schools and Church formation. In 2014 she was a Goodwill Ambassador for Casual Day. She also appeared in several Afrikaans Magazines: Vrouekeur, Rooi Rose, Sarie and Finesse.

Irene embraces every second of her ‘second’ life, because she knows what a wonderful privilege it is to be able to breathe. She appreciates every step she takes, because she is well aware that not everyone is able to do that. She aims to inspire hope, patience and kindness in each and every one she talks to.

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