Iona Minton has been immersed in the world of money and finance from the first day she started her career. After cutting her teeth in the banking sector she joined Progressive Systems College, to market and develop a revolutionary way of teaching private investors how to trade in the stock market. The resulting training course was a world first in combining correspondence education with telephone help lines and simulated brokerage accounts. This gave students the opportunity to sharpen their skills before investing.

Iona Minton
Iona Minton

In 1988, she was a member of the team that took those stock market training methods to the USA and rewrote the course to suit the American markets. During 1994, she was involved with developing financial education products in response to the disturbing personal debt trends in the United States.

She also studied the emotional aspects of why people get into financial difficulty, and developed a keen interest in the subject of emotional intelligence. Through her PR capabilities and knowledge of the media she built up Financial Fitness Consulting into a household name. Book through Conference Speakers

Iona’s 20 years of experience in diverse financial markets has given her a broad and detailed knowledge of how the money world works. As a result of her knowledge and passion to help individuals achieve financial independence, she has been featured on many radio and TV stations, and has had permanent tenures on 3Talk, 702 and Metro FM. .

In addition to Iona Minton writing and consulting, she is frequently asked to do public presentations on the subject of personal finance. She is the author of two best selling books, Financial Fitness for Women and ‘the property game’ which helps first time buyers deal with the intricacies of purchasing a home.
Due to her PR, marketing and writing expertise she often consults to large financial institutions. She recently completed the entire content solution for the re-launch of Standard Banks Achiever Plan.

She has a strong interest and knowledge in all aspects of finance, including the Property market, Stock Market, Insurance and Investment arenas. She has written on more technical subjects like currency trading, venture capital, corporate governance, tax, specialist banking, technical analysis and e-business/commerce.

She is currently the Managing partner of the Money Toolkit, a company specialising in financial training.


There is no shortage of information when it comes to building wealth. Walk into any book store, log onto the internet or pick up any magazine and you will find plenty of articles on how to get rich, quick, slow and even instantly. If getting rich was just about knowledge, reasonably priced cars would no longer be in production and discount stores would fade into oblivion.

Iona Minton uncovers the reasons why the vast majority of the population struggle from pay cheque to pay cheque and then provides the tools to change this. While there is plenty of evidence to suggest that quick fix motivational books and videos don’t work, we have to ask the question,” what does work”? How do we separate the hype from real honest to goodness advice on how to achieve our dreams and goals?

Delegates will learn:

How to change their money mind set from scarcity to abundance thinking.
How to uncover their limiting beliefs about money.
How to find their true purpose for making money.
What behaviours and activities sabotage their quest for wealth.
10 take home tips to fast track their wealth.

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