We all know that fulfilling on what clients or business stakeholders are looking for is only half the job; the other is inspiring new ideas, new events and new content that’s really going to add some value. I’ve had some recent success with the latter around a brand new interactive keynote — a bureau that shared it with a client actually created an event around it. 

The core of it is that everyone is dealing with some kind of disruption these days; the natural response is to go around it, avoid it or just deal with it. This talk is designed to use the disruption as access to breakthrough results. It’s a specific system we’ve been teaching companies and entrepreneurs to rave reviews for just the last few weeks. I point to examples of a restaurant thriving and even a hotel generating outsized results during this pandemic before going to work on disruptions the audience is dealing with at the company or industry level. 

Inspire New Events

Inspire New Events with this Interactive Keynote: Using Limits to Create Breakthrough Results

The Director of Engagement at Bentley University, Emily Williams, said: “Sterling offered a highly engaging and motivational talk delivered virtually to our Bentley University community. During such a turbulent time in history, Sterling was able to provide our audience with tangible examples of how to use this disruptive period to one’s advantage both personally and professionally. His talk received exceptionally high marks on the post-event survey with many wonderful testimonials for the value of this talk. Not only was the content relevant and informative, Sterling was very easy to work with in terms of logistics and his comfort level with virtual delivery. I hope that we’re able to engage Sterling in future events – both virtually and in person!”

The Founder of Leaders of Design, Keith Granet, said: “Recently we had Sterling present to our design community. The overwhelming positive response was incredible. Sterling presented meaningful, current and engaging information to help our community think about their futures and how to grow. I highly recommend Sterling for both virtual and in person conferences.”

Inspire New Events with this Interactive Keynote: Using Limits to Create Breakthrough Results


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