Increase your sales today! – Sam Harrop

Getting more sales is all about results and you know me it’s all about getting stuff done and getting results.  An increase in sales is a great result.

There are two things you can do today to increase your sales.

The first one is register for my seminar on the 19th May and secondly is start doing this one simple action you can increase your sales immediately, start following up.

Yes, it is that simple.  Now there are many different scenarios, however let’s just look at one.

Someone has asked you to send through a proposal, a quote or some more information.  Too often I hear people say, well I sent them the information and if they are interested they will call me.  Well in this day and age the chances are you have e-mailed them the information.

How often have you mistyped or spelled an e-mail address wrong? Meanwhile your potential customer is busy thinking, just another typical supplier not doing what they said they would do.  I can’t tell you how often people have spelt my last name “Harrob”, I know I have an accent!

Okay you might be thinking what would I say, again it’s simple……”Hi Sam, its Bob here just phoning to check that you received the information I sent through?”  Now if they say no…it’s a great time to check the e-mail address…..”Oh it’s Harrop, with a “P” like P for Peter!”


If it had been a good day and you had spelt my name correctly and I replied “yes” you can then politely ask me “so, what did you think?”

This now creates a couple of options, I might say I haven’t had a chance to look at it.  Again you could offer to go through the proposal with me on the phone or you could say…”I understand you are busy, when do you think you would get a chance to look at the proposal?”

On the other hand I may respond that I have read it, which sets you up to respond appropriately and move me along your sales process.  (If you don’t have a sales process watch out for my next newsletter and I will go through that).

What are you waiting for, pick up that phone and do some follow up calls.

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