“In Pursuit of Happiness” Workshop – Bev du Toit

pursuit-of-happinessDate : Sunday, 22nd September 2013

Time : 09h00 – 16h30

Cost: R200

What you need to bring: Two Magazines, Lunch

Provided: Workbooks, gratitude diaries, tea and coffee

Address: Movation, Reso, Water Solutions for Africa, 119  EP Malan Road, Pomona Agricultural Holdings, Kempton Park

“In Pursuit of Happiness” workshop information

Is your “Joie de vivre” a distant memory?

Real lasting happiness is not only something we all pursuit, but is actually possible for all of us. If you hold a vision of happiness as a real objective, one that you can take positive steps toward achieving, then the “In Pursuit of Happiness” workshop is for you.

The workshop is designed to offer participants a roadmap to creating the life you want. By applying the principles and practices to their own daily lives, with the result of leading lives of greater personal satisfaction and fulfilment.

Bev helps you identify the factors that lead to a happier life. We will learn how the search for happiness offers benefits not only for the individual but for the individual’s family and for society at large as well.

We will be discussing:

Self Acceptance

Living in the moment

Creating the story board for your life

Learning to go with the flow

How you attract people and events into your life through the belief systems you hold and how to change these.

The “In Pursuit of Happiness” Workshop offers the healing journey and a taste of what authentic self empowerment looks like.

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