I Said……. “Don’t Fire Her Just Yet!” – Sam Harrop

When someone is under performing it can be very frustrating and it is always easy to make the assumption that it is that persons fault.  In a few instances this may be the case however a majority of the time it can be that no clear expectations have been set.

I was working with a manager who was adamant that they wanted to retrench a particular employee because they were under performing.  I had met this person and they had come across as motivated and committed so I was surprised.  I asked the manager what he considered to be the three most important criteria that this person needed to achieve to be doing a good job. I then went and spoke to the employee.  I asked her how she would rate her job performance, she thought she was doing her job really well and was shocked about the retrenchment.  It was abundantly clear that her criteria for doing a good job were very different from her managers.

Frequent performance reviews and a well written job description is a great way of avoiding this problem. 

Another method which I have found to be highly effective and efficient, which you can use straight away is to write down what you think are the three to five of the most important criteria for someone to achieve in their position and then go and ask them what they think. By the way if you are an employee you can also do this exercise just reverse the roles and ask your manager what they think are the three to five most important criteria you need to achieve.

When clear expectations have been set, people are able to focus on what is important and get the right stuff done and achieve great results.

I would love to hear from you on how this information has helped you or if you have other tactics or strategies that help you get stuff done.

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