How to re-activate your leads now – Sam Harrop


Do you get frustrated when someone who has made an enquiry about your product or service and then they suddenly go quite and you just don’t hear back from them?

At some stage they made an enquiry and you either spoke to them or sent them some information, possibly even both.  Since then you have tried calling them a number of times and have just not been able to get hold of them.  You have also sent them a couple of well worded, lovely constructed e-mails asking for some feedback and they just haven’t come back to you.

Well before you throw in the towel, try sending this short message either as an e-mail or as a text.

     Hi (Name)
Are you still interested in ……………?
Best Regards
(Your Name)

I personally use this e-mail and so do a number of businesses I work with and it is surprising how effective it is.

Don’t be tempted to “pad it out” with more details, the idea behind the e-mail is its short and to the point, it asks a direct question and enables the person reading it to respond immediately.

If the answer is yes that’s great, they just might have been busy and life got in the way.

If the answer is no that’s also great, you can either move on …..or…. if you are feeling a little adventurous now that you have re-engaged with them you can thank them and mention that you are curious and ask why they are no longer interested.

I would love to hear from you on how this information has helped you or if you have other tactics or strategies that help you get stuff done.

Until next time

Sam Harrop
“Speaker, author and trainer who specialises in helping people get stuff done!”

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