How to Get Rid Of Unnecessary Internal E-Mails – Sam Harrop

Do you wish you could get more e-mails every day?  I didn’t think so!

Today I would like to share with you a simple strategy on how you can get back control.

I remember a couple of years ago I was about to deliver a keynote presentation when the CEO of the company asked if it would be OK if he could quickly make an announcement.  Well it didn’t turn out to be announcement, it was more like a full on rant!

He walked onto the stage looking a little disheveled and in his hand he had a whole pile of paper, no actually it looked like a ream of paper.  He went on to explain that this was all the e-mail correspondence he had received with regards to one particular project that he wasn’t even involved in!

It also turned out that this was a minor project!  What had been happening is everybody had cc’d every single person they could think of who was even remotely involved in the project on any correspondence!

I loved his solution…………..he said unless you are prepared to get of your backside and hand deliver the correspondence to someone in the same office as you do not cc them in.  Now I know that this is not practical but his point was very clear.  Set up clear lines of communication and only cc people in who need to be in the know!

He then turned to me and introduced me as the keynote speaker, as I walked onto the stage and he gave me the microphone I asked …….. “I can’t personally hand deliver my newsletters to you but would it be ok  if I either posted it or faxed it to you?” he laughed the audience laughed and I was off to a good start!

I would love to hear from you on how this information has helped you or if you have other tactics or strategies that help you get stuff done.

Until next time

Sam Harrop
“Speaker, author and trainer who specialises in helping people get stuff done!”

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