“Thank you for your complaint!” – Sarah Bauling

So all seemed to be going well until the “mango hits the proverbial fan!” Yip – one of your clients has called in and “aint happy”.

I for one am always DELIGHTED when a customer complains! You may be asking “Why?”

Firstly – the fact that he has complained means that you have the opportunity to acknowledge there’s a problem. It may be a reoccurring problem or it may be a “once off”, either way it gives you the opportunity to get to the root of the problem, find a solution and have the opportunity of minimizing the chances of it happening again.

Secondly, and most importantly it means that that client cares. Sure, he may care about his “refund” (likely) or it can be that he genuinely cares about your business (unlikely). If it is a case of the first (his refund) and not the second (your business) you have the chance to focus on the BUSINESS side and see how YOU can make it a better experience for any client going forward.

Do you know that on average, of 24 unhappy clients only 1 ACTUALLY takes the time to tell you about it? Which means there is a pretty good chance that there are some folk who are telling everyone else but you about their “less than perfect experience with your company”.

So the next time someone complains don’t think “OMW I can’t believe it”, rather start off by saying “Thank you”. It could be “Thank you for taking the time to send us an email about the level of service you received “or “Thank you for taking the time to give us a ring to advise us that you weren’t completely satisfied”.

By starting off with a “thank you” as opposed to an “OMW” you have a far greater chance of finding a resolution.

Of course the “Thank you” is just the beginning, but a journey of a thousand miles (which is how it may feel when dealing with an unhappy client) really DOES start with the first step!

Of course you can’t say thank you and ride off into the sunset – you actually need to COME to a resolution of sorts! But THANK YOU is a great place to begin!

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