How to choose a Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speakers in South Africa

A Keynote Speaker is a professional who delivers a focussed speech or presentation to a group of people. Also known as Business Speakers or Corporate Speakers, these individuals often have a specific specialty, such as keynote sales speaking, leadership and team building speaking as well as keynote speaking for niche topics within a specialised industry.

How to choose a top Keynote Speaker?

The popularity of a Keynote Speaker will usually determine the price you are going to pay for a booking. When choosing a top Keynote Speaker, remember that you need the person to be influential and deliver a memorable keynote address, so ask around to find the credible people in your industry.

Also make sure that the Corporate Speaker will appeal to your audience. If the Speaker is talking to high-level executives, don’t hire the youngest pop singer / entertainer and if the target group is students, get somebody who can speak on their level and inspire them. Keynote addresses need to be given from somebody who is not necessarily well-known, but that can be seen as a trusted source and confident presenter. If you are working through a platform of Keynote Speakers, such as Conference Speakers International (CSI), you should be able to get biographies of the speakers off the website.

Once you have chosen a Keynote Speaker, get the date and time in writing and make sure that all the travel logistics, speaker fees, the speaker’s technical requirements (such as audio and visual) as well as accommodation fees are taken care of. A good tip is to send the Keynote Speaker some information on your company, such as a corporate profile or an internal newsletter that gets sent to your employees.

Make sure that you have direct contact with the Speaker (this can be a problem if you are working through an agency or booking an extremely popular professional that is fully booked). You will need to give the demographics, interests, level of hierarchy as well as goals of the keynote address to the speaker so that he or she can plan the presentation.

Hiring professional Keynote Speakers in South Africa

Conference Speakers International (CSI) is a platform for top Keynote Speakers in South Africa. If you are looking to hire a professional keynote speaker in South Africa, whether you need the focus to be a specific industry, field of study or arts, we have the professionals that can create a captivating keynote address for your event. We work with you to understand your goals and the people that belong to CSI are all knowledgeable in their unique fields of work. Let us help you to match the perfect Keynote Speaker for your event!


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