How to Capture Your Audience’s Attention By Oana Coroian

Speaking publicly has been a very valuable talent since the ancient times. There is much a good speech can do in order to advance the masses towards your goal. In my opinion, it’s much more effective than any other means of persuasion, because it generates the audience the impression that your idea actually resonates in them instead of being put there. It’s a useful talent.

So you always have to know what is your audience like. You have to read them before you open your mouth. You may prepare a speech beforehand but you also may have to rapidly adjust it in order to reverberate with the audience you are working with. Not any speech works on any audience, as some speakers will no doubt testify. Make sure you know the psychology of your mass before you proceed on wooing it.

Keep it simple. Using complicated words and expressions will lose the focus of the audience. No matter how educated or sophisticated, people respond the best to the words they have learned in the first ten years of their lives. Think about that when preparing your speech. You don’t need to write a new dictionary and do not play with meanings. They will follow your every sentence and they won’t have the time to digest hidden meanings between them.

Be funny. Do not make it a stand up comedy, but let some good natural humor drip out of your speech every once in a while. Laughing will relax your audience and a relaxed public absorbs everything much faster and more willingly than a tensed up one.

Speaking of which, build the tension. Don’t start with the peak of your performance then go gradually down, it will screw up your act. Build it slowly, let the layers have time to sink in the minds of the listeners and go up and up. When you reach the boiling point your audience will explode, it will feel exactly what you want them to feel.

Be succinct. Do not extend your speech uselessly. Your audience will tire quickly beyond the culminating point of your speech if the tension you built was right. From that moment on only make a short and quick ending and the audience will go home with the effects of your highest point fresh in their minds. Do not add another layer on that, it’s pointless.

Be charismatic. It always helps.

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