Hot Flash Havoc – Dr Eve (Marlene Wasserman)

I speak about menopause a lot. I began doing this in seriousness after I had my first hot flash. As a professional trained in Sexual Medicine and hence informed about menopause, I felt confused, anxious and had a desperate thirst for factual information. Yes I know  cognitive confusion and  anxiety are symptoms of menopause but I really did feel lost. I wrote a book called Ageing and Sexuality as my way to gather scientific information and share with other people.

There is havoc concerning facts on menopause. I am delighted to bring you an event that will inform and entertain you, provide you with scientific information and opportunity to talk to professionals in the menopause field , about your menopause.

Hot Flash Havoc is an internationally produced movie , featuring today’s leaders in the field of Sexual Medicine and Menopause. Its funny, captivating , and most of all informative. I am proud to bring you Hot Flash Havoc events at the Sexual Health Centre, Cape Town and in major cities throughout South Africa. Contact me for further information and to sign up for the next Hot Flash Havoc event.

In addition you can view Hot Flash Havoc in your own private time. Click on the banner on my site , rent the DVD and learn in the comfort of your own home.

Havoc around menopause began with a study conducted by the 2012 Women’s Health Initiative. The study showed increase in breast cancer and heart attacks as well as increase risk for strokes in women on Hormone Therapy. Around the world women were taken off hormone therapy .. and Hot Flash Havoc ensued. their symptoms remained , no hormones were available and a definite deterioration in quality of life, including sexual life, followed.

Years later, and after  much scrutinizing of the 2002 WHI research, hormones are once again deemed to be the management choice of menopausal symptoms. All the international menopause societies, including the South African Menopausal Society , have excellent  guidelines on managing menopause.

Hormones serve many benefits in women who are good candidates. To know if you are a good candidate it is essential that you consult a gynecologist who will consider your family history, your own medical history and discuss the benefits versus risks for you.

In conjunction with the Hot Flash Havoc events I have created the Vaginal Renewal Program which offers women non hormonal products to bring them vaginal health and relief as they flow into menopause.

As a woman or partner of a woman, become knowledged about the world of menopause and enjoy years of sexual pleasure and comfort with the professional scientific advice I offer you via Hot Flash Havoc. Go rent it now!

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