Hector Motivator – Customer Service

Hector Motivator – Customer Service customized motivation and teambuilding seminars are boldly imaginative and insightful and his love of performance, combined with a generous use of humor, make Hector Motivator sessions a pleasant blend of motivation, education and entertainment.

Hector has a core belief that a life with no motivation is one of stagnation. In addition, to create the lives we imagine, we must constantly be willing to discover and explore creative ways of staying motivated enough to pursue our goals.

His aim is to equip South Africans with the tools, insights and information needed to inspire and motivate themselves – and to stay committed in pursuing their purpose.

Hector Motivator - Customer Service
Hector Motivator

Spectacular Customer Service

“People expect good service, but few are willing to give it” Robert Gately


This course concerns itself with the understanding, passion and skills required to become customer service champions. We examine ways of listening to, empathising and pleasing customers by responding to the spoken and unspoken needs of our customers.


Understand the importance of building and maintaining positive customer relationships


Day 1

  • Defining Customer Service
  • The MOT Concept in Customer Service
  • Customer Service In South Africa
  • Who is the Customer (The Internal & External Customer)
  • Beware! The Customer Will Not Packaged The Way You Expect (The People Factor)

Day 2

  • The SHARP Factor
  • The Customer RATER Scale
  • When it all goes wrong (Service Recovery)
  • Customer Service In The Digital Age
  • My Personal Growth Plan


We employ current cutting-edge techniques as well as tried and tested tools to help organisations to achieve desired outcomes.


Identify exactly what is customer service and make sure participants are well equipped with the necessary tools and skills to enjoy a mutually rewarding relationship between customer and service provider


2 days

Target audience

Everyone that provides a service to people.

Hector Motivator – Customer Service

Professional Presentation Skills

Present like a Pro!!! Present with Power!!! Present with Passion!!!

Would you like to learn how to present like a pro? Would you like to learn how to WOW your audience and get the desired results at the end of the presentation? As a professional, at some point in your career you will have to stand and deliver a presentation. In fact, most of you are already presenting. Now, you need to sharpen your skills.

People often ask me how I present with such ease and ooze with confidence. Well, I was trained and have practiced techniques that work for all great presenters. It is possible to present like me. I am ready to share and impart my secrets in this two-day high impact course.

This is a practical 2 day course which is designed to equip the professionals with vital presentation skills for career advancement.

Course Outline:

  • Overcome anxiety & boost your confidence.
  • Create simple yet memorable PowerPoint visuals.
  • Effortlessly use & incorporate presentation support technology.
  • Grab your audience’s attention, by delivering the message with clarity, conviction & passion.
  • Present in an authentic yet refined manner; paying attention to your Structure, Content, Vocal Quality & Body Language.
  • Handle questions & curve balls with ease.
  • Dress Code tips that will help you command respect before you even open your mouth.

Target Audience: Middle to Top Management in both the Private & Public Sectors.

Duration: 2 full days (08:00 to 17:00)

Venue: Client Training Room

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