Have an opinion – Sarah Bauling

How often have you gone for a meal at a restaurant and been completely overwhelmed by the “awesome menu” which really gives the saying “so many choices, so little time” new meaning?

Recently we decided to pop out for a quick “sweet bite” and being a “sugar-holic” I thought I had died and gone to heaven! Just one small (first world!) problem – I could, but shouldn’t, have one of everything….!
And so I decided to ask our friendly waiter which HE thought was the best choice.
His enthusiastic answer was “The double chocolate mud pie with ice cream and extra chocolate sauce”. Done, SOLD! And yip – it was delicious!

Take the same franchise, same menu, different restaurant a few weeks later….. our waiter did not have an opinion – he “thought” the brownies were “kinda nice” and “if you like waffles they’re pretty good”, and “if you can’t decide, well I guess you could just go with …. Ice-cream?”

Mmm nothing sounded FABULOUS, so I settled for tea instead. Oh, it was a pretty good cup of tea in case you’re wondering.

The first waiter certainly gave us a far better experience, the second one, well he was just doing his “job”.
It’s OK to have an opinion and enthusiastically share this with your clients. Remember you’re (supposed) to be the expert – so don’t be afraid to be just that!
Your opinion may not be the same as your customers, but if they ask for your opinion don’t be afraid to give it!

Till next time, enjoy serving your customers with passion and turning them into “Loyal Raving Fans!”

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