The Gupta’s, the Ratings Agencies & the Elections: South Africa’s Riskiest Year Since 1994 – The new Keynote presentation from Daniel Silk

Daniel SilkeIt’s been a turbulent time for South Africa in recent months. In an almost ‘perfect storm’, political intrigue and harsh economic reality meet all at once. From having three Finance Ministers in one week, to the risk of a ratings downgrade to the latest intrigue surrounding ‘state capture’, South Africa faces a series of new risks. And, within a few months, South Africans go to the polls in the most hotly contested local government elections ever.

In his latest Keynote presentation, acclaimed Political Economy Analyst and Director of the Political Futures Consultancy Daniel Silke, delves into all these issues and more. He assesses the state of the economy, the likelihood of a ‘junk’ ratings downgrade and the future fortunes of both President Zuma and the electoral performance of the ANC and opposition parties.

With his meticulous attention to detail and statistical base, Silke offers insights that are not only fascinating but also highly entertaining, authoritative and compelling. This is one of the few keynotes on offer that combine both the political and economic headwinds facing the country.

Fasten you seatbelts for this one and book now!

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