Great Reads this Season!


The Possibility of You – Alex Granger

Have you started living the life of your dreams, or are you feeling very stuck in your pursuits? Do you constantly feel like you deserve more than you are getting out of life? When you think of your FUTURE… do you feel proud and confident, or do you feel that familiar heart-breaking FEAR? Welcome to the Possibility of YOU! The Possibility of YOU is about learning the skills and techniques required for tapping into your future possibilities – skills and techniques that have been tried and tested, improvised over the years by hundreds of success experts, and proved by thousands of ordinary people to have the same efficient, mind-blowing results over and over again. In ‘The Possibility of YOU’, you will learn: How to identify your gifts and talents and how to use them effectively;  How to embrace change, however challenging;          The art of mindfulness and how this can improve your business efficiencies; How to overcome the three biggest obstacles to your success – Fear, Anxiety & Frustration; The secret 11 Possibility Factors™ that will guide you towards the realisation of your possibilities and help you live a fulfilling, significant, selfless, and highly successful life. Alex Granger (Professional Speaker, Author, and Founder of ‘The Possibility of YOU’) is known as the “exceptional” one, helping businesses and individuals worldwide to develop into future fit people.

No Substitute – Cindy Alter

NO SUBSTITUTE will take you on a turbo charged ride through the dark abyss and never-ending light and shade of worldwide fame of a revolutionary singer Cindy Alter….and her tumultous Million Dollar music career. NO SUBSTITUTE is the riveting, sad and yet satirical life of Cindy Alter South Africa’s own world acclaimed rocking weaver of dreams. It’s a gripping page turner with the emotionally charged cold reality of life as a singer, song writer and front-lady legend. NO SUBSTITUTE illustrates the unprecedented shock in mid career of facing the beast of CANCER. All this and more could not stop Cindy Alter from living her dream of establishing an astounding award winning career in the global music arena. NO SUBSTITUTE tells the story of Cindy Alter a vibrant young singer and her band CLOUT who circumvented international boycotts against South Africa amidst the apartheid regime, in turn placing the country firmly on the international music map with a world number one hit single. NO SUBSTITUTE with her spiritually relentless belief, effort and ‘drive to thrive’, you the reader will realize that, there is NO SUBSTITUTE for Cindy Alter.

Rocks and Hard Places – Alex Harris

Rocks and hard places first-hand narrative of the authors attempts to reach the Seven Summits — the highest point on each of the seven continents. It is a journey, punctuated by personal triumphs and bitter disappointments, that takes him from the sticky tropical forests of Irian Jaya to the biting, sub-zero temperatures of Mount Everest. The title provides a perspective of the joys, tragedies, epiphanies and betrayals that climbers experience in the punishing conditions of high altitude.

How to build a Happy Sandpit – Colin J Browne

This book takes a unique look at Southern African companies that enjoy exceptional levels of employee engagement and the organisational culture traits they use to achieve that. Rich with stories from some of the region’s leading executives, gathered by author Colin J. Browne over the course of two years, there are lessons here for businesses of all sizes, and in all parts of the world. Learn how Johannesburg-based Digital Solutions Group got employees to volunteer for an inconvenient project by appealing to their deepest motivations. Learn how the head of Tanzania for a pan-African forestry company increased morale, time keeping and neatness with one simple action. Learn how the head of a global real estate business based in Cape Town finds partners who precisely match his Values. Southern African businesses operate on the margin between first world and third world economies, making innovation critical to their success. With rapidly changing workforce demographics, innovating ways to achieve employee engagement is the first priority for the best of the best in the region. The analogy of the Happy Sandpit is used to explain how leading companies in the region build teams that work together well, in the pursuit of a common goal.

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