The miracle cyclist who came back from the dead to achieve the extraordinary, Grant Lottering – Miracle Cyclist

Grant Lottering

In July 2013 ex-professional cyclist and Laureus Sport for Good Ambassador Grant Lottering suffered a fatal accident during a world championship preparation race in Trento, Italy, when he crashed straight into a rock embankment at over 60km/h. By the time the medical team arrived he had lost consciousness and his heart had stopped beating.

Miraculously he survived but his injuries were so severe he was told he would never be able to ride a bike again. Grant is now available to book through Conference Speakers

Astonishing the medical profession and public alike, Lottering returned to the Alps only 11 months and six surgeries later, against much opposition given his physical condition, miraculously completing the toughest mass timed one-day cycle race in the French Alps. He called it “The Im’possible Tour – from death to the top of the Alps in one year”. His achievement grabbed media attention and he has since been interviewed on live television, numerous radio stations and appeared in over 30 major publications and newspapers to date.

Grant Lottering

Grant Lottering has been inspiring thousands across the world, while riding annual “Im’possible” solo ultra-endurance attempts through the Alps in aid of charity. In August 2016, he became the first cyclist to complete a solo, non-stop, 1000km ride through the French Alps in under 48 hours, whilst raising over R1,2m for charity.

Audiences want to know, how has he managed to go from death to the top of the Alps in less than one year, to riding 1000km non-stop through the Alps, in such a short period of time, while still not fully recovered from his injuries?

Lottering’s remarkable story of perseverance, resilience, and overcoming has inspired thousands to never lose hope, push their own boundaries, remove self-imposed limits, and embrace their unlimited potential.

Grant Lottering – Miracle Cyclist has become known as “the miracle cyclist” and “Mr Im’possible”, addressing audiences in South Africa, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, England and Zambia, including Mercedes-Benz, Barclays, Dimension Data, Massbuild, IWC, ASML, PWC, Axis Workgroup, University Free-State, Hellmann Logistics, SSISA, World Presidents Organisation and more. He was invited to share his story with the Springbok Rugby team the day before they left for the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Lottering rides annual solo ‘Im’possible Tours’ to raise funds for underprivileged children. In August 2015, after only 2 years and still undergoing reconstructive surgery to his shoulder, he became the first South African to ride 420km solo non-stop through the French Alps in 19hrs 31min, one month ahead of his 7th surgery, climbing almost 10,000m.

In August 2016, he literally doubled this feat, becoming the first person to ride 962km non-stop through the French Alps in only 46hrs 17min, climbing a staggering 19,840m over 20 mountains. To date Lottering has used these ultra-endurance attempts to raise over R1,6m for underprivileged children.

Lottering is one of a handful of people who can talk about the experience of dying. He inspires audiences with his incredible true life story and has been described by audiences as humble, genuine and authentic. He challenges and inspires individuals and organisations alike to re-evaluate the goals and targets they set themselves, using his remarkable accomplishments since that fateful day as a real-life example.

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