Grant Driver

Grant Driver is a master at people engagement and communication, making the person (or people) he interacts with, feel that they are unique and special,

Grant Driver has dedicated his life to facilitating the success of others and he works in diverse industries and numerous Organisations in the areas of people engagement, personal branding, inspirational leadership, communication and building a legacy.

He is able to facilitate his clients’ success by working closely with them and their teams.

He is a sought after international speaker, strategy facilitator, workshop presenter and mentor.

Grant speaks and facilitates at over 100 international leadership, management and sales conferences annually.

He has a powerful impact on his clients and in response to their requesting even more for their teams, he founded Captivate: a dynamic, results driven group of specialist coaches who share Grant’s vision to facilitate other’s successes.

Grant Driver has made more than 40 appearances on local and international television and he is a popular guest on the international news and business channel, CNBC Africa.

He is regularly interviewed on radio and he writes newspapers and magazines. Grant will be publishing, ‘The Right Side of You’ will be published shortly.

Grant Driver speaks and facilitates at over 100 international leadership, management and sales conferences annually.

He is known for his ability to connect with diverse audiences and has presented in over 30 countries.

As testament to Grant Driver – Growth Mindset ability, his clients regularly rebook him for their conferences because they know that Grant is inspiring and energetic and able to create an unforgettable experience that will empower their people with practical tools and strategies to achieve their success.

Indeed, Grant Driver’s keynote presentations have laid the foundation for hundreds of organisations and executives to challenge their perceptions and powerfully engage people from a leadership, sales, marketing and customer relationship perspective.

You can look forward to Grant

  • Creating a “can do” culture within your organisation
  • Inspiring each person to become an architect of their own experience
  • Instilling a passion for creating fabulous customer experiences
  • Find within themselves their unique identity, purpose and passion for their work and personal lives
  • Live happier, more productive lives


We chose Grant Driver above all other possible providers to assist us with employee engagement, leadership and aligned culture within the Toyota Brand. More than 4000 delegates from Toyota voluntarily attend the Toyota Brand Engagement events presented by Grant annually. These interventions, together with Grant’s top level coaching of our Field Staff and his strategic insights and guidance,  have contributed enormously towards Toyota achieving the recognition of  top automobile manufacturer in South Africa. In addition, his programme on employee engagement is now considered to be a global best practice within Toyota. Elmarie Vos, Senior Manager. Toyota Touch.

Grant is a captivating presenter with an interactive, humorous and engaging presentation style. I was particularly impressed with his confident, and fluid ability to handle witty quips from audience members and respond on the fly – his keynote address elicited great feedback from attendees, and a significant change in perspective and attitude from some previously cynical, and almost disengaged employees has been visible since the address. He delivered perfectly to the brief, with a great balance of content and media and I look forward to doing some further work to entrench this cultural change in the business with Grant. Regards, Ruby FrankenGroup Marketing Manager SA Biomedical

Grant’s relaxed presentation style was very successful in captivating a diverse audience while still accomplishing the objective of ensuring the more serious message was absorbed. The session was well received by all staff. Grant’s key points mirrored the mandate which I asked him to meet and we would definitely consider working with him again. Regards, John BissetChief Executive Officer SA Biomedical

Dear Grant and team, Feedback has been awesome. Beyond our expectations and exceptional. We are very grateful for your hard work and effort. I look forward to another exceptional day tomorrow! Regards Laurence Hillman1Life

Hi Grant, Although halfway through our engagements I would just like to extend our word of thanks from a 1Life point of view. In our experience and previous events we have NEVER worked with such a professional outfit. I would also like to commend the teams involved and their warm nature and approach. Such a breath of fresh air. Thank you for Changing our Lives and 1Life more importantly. Much appreciated, Richard Rupping1Life

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