Global Watch 2016 & Beyond: Volatility, Risks & Opportunity! All new. Fast-paced. Global scope – Daniel Silke

Daniel SilkeDaniel Silke’s latest presentation “Global Watch 2016 & Beyond” is one of the most exciting new keynotes on the domestic and international speaking circuit.  And, its already getting rave reviews from some of South Africa’s largest corporates.

In 45 minutes, the presentation covers 10 broad global/international political economy trends. This provides the audience with impactful insights into current economic, political, social and technological change.

These trends do provide risk – yet as Silke explains – also present substantial opportunity for business and investment.

Silke’s core message is that the volatility we are witnessing – in financial markets and in almost every aspect of business is here to stay – but should be embraced head-on to maximise profit and competitiveness.

This is a Keynote that will take any audience to the cutting edge of global issues.

Silke’s 10 core trends discuss wide-ranging issues from the effects of the Chinese economy on the world to the importance of Africa as a market into the future. Additional topics covered include Climate Change; Income Inequality; Global Political Shifts; Healthcare; Urbanization; Demographics; Migration; Leadership and Technological Disruption.

These topics are discussed from a Political Economy and Futurist perspective. Silke utilises the latest research and statistics in a highly accessible and entertaining way to piece together the complex puzzle of global change.

The presentation is passionately delivered and expertly illustrated with the latest economic data and arresting images. It can be presented across the world and has resonance to any business audience in every country.

Above all else, this is a Keynote for all audiences in all industries. It may be economic and political yet it cuts through the usual jargon presenting a clear and concise analysis of the world today.

Silke takes global economics and politics and simply makes it both relevant and exciting. Just as it will be a talking point to open a conference so will it be a conversation catalyst for any dinner event as well.

Booking Now Open. A sample PDF of indicative slides are available upon request.

Daniel Silke is Director of the Political Futures Consultancy based in Cape Town. He is an acclaimed Keynote Speaker, Political Economy Analyst, Author & Futurist. Silke is a regular guest on South African and international media and speaks globally for prestigious think tanks and business audiences.

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