Get out the sparklers and sing happy birthday! – Sarah Bauling

In South Africa we have a local steak house which is a real “family favourite” – Spur Steak Ranches.

The thing I LOVE about Spur is not the fact that they have excellent play areas, great food and a good vibe. The thing I love is their consistency when it comes to birthdays.

If you or someone in your group is celebrating a birthday – all you need to do is let the waiter know.
Once main course is cleared, your waiter will round up his fellow colleagues and they arrive at you table with an ice cream and sparkler in hand!

They sing a lively version of “happy birthday “which ends as the sparkler fizzles out to a smoking stick and then the busy waiters head back to their tables.

One thing you know for sure – if it’s your birthday and if you’re at Spur – THIS will happen – not maybe, not “if you’re lucky”. It happens every time, consistently!

Customers want to know what they are going to get and then….. they want to get it!

Now who said Customer Service was difficult?

Today I challenge you to “Get your sparklers out and prepare the birthday song” –  give your clients exactly what they came for!

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