Gary Bailey – Sales Performance Under Pressure!!

How do you inspire your team to improve their sales performances in a sustainable & measurable manner?
….by listening to Gary Bailey talk about how he managed to perform under the most intense pressure as a goalkeeper for Manchester United, one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world! Add to that some of the latest thinking from the best universities in the world, and you have a template for SALES SUCCESS!!
With loads of humour, lots of exciting and real sporting clips, Gary uses the power of Soccer and Rugby to help inspire and uplift his audience !
GARY BAILEY, former Manchester United, Kaizer Chiefs and England goalkeeper, is a motivating and inspiring speaker. He uses his MBA training (from Henley Oxford) and his experience playing under intense pressure for Manchester United and Kaizer Chiefs to show the audience how to cope with pressure and even raise your performance levels. He uses the latest world research and also personal experiences of not only playing under pressure, but learning from highly successful people such as his manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who is widely regarded as one of the most successful sports managers of all time ! Below is the condensed version of Gary’s powerful and successful presentation.
What take-home value can you expect?
SELF BELIEF is the foundation on which individual success is built on – learn about the latest methods to improve your self belief & overall performance.
It’s vital to understand how you are going to meet your ACHIEVEMENT goals and what Intelligent failure is all about.
We all know that we have to keep on LEARNING and improving, but do you know what the latest best method is ?
With so much to achieve, your ENERGY levels need to be increased and the Harvard Business School has some great suggestions
To increase the SUPPORT you receive from your team you need to be less ego centric and care more for the team around you
Why football and rugby?
• Sports management is one of the biggest pressure situations
of any industry
• Results are expected every week along with press scrutiny
and demanding customers
• Up to one third of English soccer managers are either fired
or resign during the course of the season, so they need the
best leadership thinking from business schools and top
companies, in order to ensure success for their club…
and a job for themselves!
Why Meeting Planners should hire Gary?
• His message contains the latest worldwide thinking in sales performance skills, not just from his own experience, and of those great sports leaders that he played for, but also from the best business schools on the planet.
• It’s the message that every Sales Force needs to hear – latest thinking mixed with some of the most powerful existing messages that have been forgotten or ignored
• There is excellent take-home value that is motivational, inspiring and great fun
Structure your event
Gary’s offer keynote presentations varying from 20 mins to an 1.5 hours in length, OR it can be a strategic workshop of up to 3 hours where the group gets to work through the principles outlined in the talk, and then the delegates can plan their own improvement, in a step by step manner.
Gary also offers Leadership and Teamwork Under Pressure presentations which are ideal as a follow up to the sales performance strategic workshop!
As part of an ever increasing list of clients, Gary has done work for the following:
Sony, Siemens, AON, IBM, Microsoft, Castrol, Xerox, Deloittes, Glenfiddich, Nike, Pepsi, Liberty Life, KPMG, Old Mutual, Investec, Sasol, 3 M, Momentum, Pick and Pay, Tourvest, Illovo Sugar, Imperial Bank, FNB, Debswana, Standard Bank, University of Windhoek, Sappi, MTN; Absa, Pam Golding and Spar.
“ not just an excellent motivational speaker … and not just an intellectual and credible presenter, but BOTH!” (Meg Houghton – PR and Sponsorship Manager BP Lubricants)
Contact Gary
So… if you are looking to take your team to the top of their game, contact Gary’s agent Lynne from CSI on 011 465 4447.

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