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Gaëtan Schmid – Body Language is a Body Language Obsessed Belgian Cape Townian expert. Now available to book through Conference Speakers

During the naughty nineties Gaëtan trained at the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris, France. An international theatre school specialising in physical theatre.

For 25 years he’s been travelling around the world practising his craft on the stages of Russia, Sweden, Romania, USA, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, England, Wales, Uganda, Andorra, Spain and Scotland.Today Gaëtan offers his services and expertise as a speaker to the corporate sector.

In addition Gaëtan Schmid has developed a unique and engaging training program to share his fascinating knowledge on Body Language [see Training].

“Less Chit Chat more Kung Fu!” ***

Entertaining, inspiring and densely informative, my presentation is a fascinating analysis of Body Language in the workplace and the benefits thereof. Ridiculously easy to apply, these new skills are immediately effective. Be it during a little chat around the watercooler, an intense boardroom meeting or for your own palm sweating, breath catching, heart thumping presentation.

I’ll talk about how to read somebody else’s Body Language but also how to be aware of your own Body Language. What to do, but most importantly what NOT to do with your hands, your arms, your feet, your toes … oh no sorry nothing about your toes.

Punchy and funny, my Body Language presentation will boost your communication skills; put a bounce in your step and a smile on your face.

“… a big thank you for the fab presentation …”  – Kath Thorn | Two Oceans Aquarium

If you’re looking for a Presentation that ticks off the boxes:

  • Communication skills upgrade
  • Employee Wellness & Performance
  • Entertainment

… look no further!

*** Gaëtan’s Kung Fu instructor

Presentation skills 25 years of stage experience performing one-man-shows has taught me how to keep an audience enthralled from beginning to end. So let me put my experience at your service.

We’ll work together on your specific presentation and on your particular needs; for you to build up your confidence and most importantly : how to have fun in the process.We’ll look at the non-verbal communication techniques of timing, rhythm, intonation, visualisation, eye gazing and how to liberate your hands from the evil lectern. The Mission:Clarifying and emphasising your message for maximum impact. Engaging your audience and finally: feeling the thrill of a job well done. Yeeha!

Face to face Interaction Skills“The biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place” -George Bernard ShawDuring fun and relaxed workshops we’ll look at how to get rid of your negative non-verbals and improve your positive ones. But also how to decipher someone else emotional clues “how does s/he feel” and for the ninjas out there a few cool subliminal tricks too…But beware, with new power comes new responsibility!

The objective of these workshops is for the greater good of course: to strengthen relationships, facilitate collaboration and build trust. If you’re a Machiavellian psychopath please move along.These new Positive Body Language skills are ridiculously easy to learn and immediately effective. In group or in one-on-one sessions, we’ll customise for your own specific needs … as long as they’re not too weird.

READ MY GOOSE BUMPS May 2011By Karen Rutter Sunday Times Body Language leads the audience on a merry dance through the minefields of communication. And while a lot of it is actually deadly serious, the presentation is joyous. Body Language is a solo tour de force that tickles the tenets of interaction with tongue in cheek. As Schmid himself says, it’s done “anthropologically, sociologically, biologically, psychologically, neurologically – but not too seriously”

.WITTY AND ILLUMINATING May 2011 by Daniel Dercksenthe writing studio We are what we do, and our actions reflect who we are. Maybe now, with entertainers like Schmid, the world will indeed be a better place to share our humanity and laugh at ourselves with dignity and newfound admiration.

A FIELD GUIDE TO HUMAN BEHAVIOUR Body language is the perfect subject for an immaculate actor like Schmid who performs with great attention to the fine details of movement, and yet also allows himself to slip into spontaneous moments of quirky asides, at which he has the temerity to laugh at himself. Like a good lecturer, he also makes his audience feel at ease, and he’s clearly researched his subject well.

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