Finding Narative – Mike Saunders

‘Finding Narrative tells the story of why you exist and everyone loves a good story.’ – Mike Saunders

A future vision will inspire some people on your team, and others not at all. Every person is different, and inspired by different things. Driven by different dynamics in life, they may or may not be interested in where you are going. Perhaps they are more inspired by how you intend to get there.

Finding Narative – Mike Saunders brings something new to your culture and your team dynamics. Narrative tells the story of why you exist and everyone loves a good story. Good storytelling draws people in; gives readers or listeners something to connect with; and has an underlying moral that teaches a lesson or challenges a thought.

Your business narrative is powerful because it gives you a lens to frame every conversation or engagement you have through the business. Your business narrative is more emotionally driven than a vision. Its independence from the vision means that, even if your vision were to change for some reason, your story would remain the same. Your business narrative lays out your path towards meeting your business vision.

“Your company’s narrative will help you to scale your leadership and empower your team to know how to act in almost every situation.” Mike Saunders, The Five Year Mark

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