Film enters pre-production – Alison

10428538_359644864196631_5866112773715829162_n (1)A documentary based on the inspirational South African rape survivor Alison Botha has gone into pre-production, with filming expected to commence in January 2015.

The film is titled Alison and is produced by Amy Nelson, written / directed by Uga Carlini and starring Christia Visser. Botha has protected the film rights of her story until recently coming to an agreement with Carlini.

“I have always hoped that by sharing my own journey with others, it would give them hope and courage for their own. To have my story and ultimate triumph shared on screen, would mean that so many more people would see the power of choice that we each have; and might also choose to triumph over life’s hardships,” says Botha.

In 1994 Botha was brutally attacked, raped, stabbed 37 times, disembowelled and her throat slashed 17 times. In the film she tells her story and shares what has happened in her life since the incident.

An English and an Afrikaans version of the film is expected to be made by production company Carlini’s Towerkop Creations.

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