Femi Adebanji – Business Unusual

innovationThe fact of the matter is simply this – organisations that consistently deliver superior bottom line results are organisations that are able to deliver truly innovative solutions that excel the demands of their clients while providing value. Innovation is  not an option, it is a must.

Achieving true innovation is understanding that innovation is a mind-set and not an event; and for businesses to entrench a culture of innovative thinking within their organisation, they must empower their employees to learn how to generate fresh ideas by knowing how to break through the limitations of traditional thinking.

Creative innovation, strategic thinking and better decision making are fundamental to the long term relevance and success of any organisation – and it is these keys that this exhilarating talk that Femi shares with the audience

Some of the key issues and insights Femi shares in this exciting 1-hour  talk include:

  • Why Innovation is not optional – the business case!
  • How to innovate in a way that make sense and  “cents”
  • The 6-step approach for releasing innovation within organisations
  • How to identify and deal with limiting “linear thinking” habits
  • Achieving Shift – How to move from a problem-focus to “solution-focus”
  • Unlocking breakthrough idea generation
  •  “Opportunity Focus”- How to identify opportunities that create the space for innovation
  • Spotting barriers and risks to innovation and how to engage them
  • Using opportunity-focus to design goals and objectives around the innovation process
  • The difference – How to incorporate novelty in the solution
  • How to create innovation catalysts in the organisation
  • “Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch” – How to maintain a culture of innovation in the organisation.
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