Daniel Silke New PicDoes your conference require an intelligent, analytical and entertaining moderator or ’emcee’ to weave together the complex threads presented by speakers? Do you need a professional and polished approach in presenting your speakers to delegates and contributing to the debate?

Political Analyst, Author & Global Futurist Daniel Silke has a wide knowledge of political, economic and current business issues affecting a wide range of industries. Spanning the world, Silke has an international grasp and global vision which is essential in engaging conference speakers and presenters.

More than just ‘introducing’ speakers, Silke will subtly interrogate presenters and will facilitate audience participation in Q&A and panel discussion sessions. He will lead questions and enable the core points of presentations to become memorable talking points at any conference.

With exceptional presentation skills and experience on both television and radio, Daniel Silke will add expert value to any conference.

For more details, contact Kirsty at 082 674 3610 or email to

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