Excite customers – Sarah Bauling

Excite customers – Sarah Bauling and do you really feel like a gym session?

After our baby girl Amy was born I decided to sign up with a personal trainer. A young gentleman who trained out of the local gym.

In the months that followed he shared his dream which was to open his own gym and after months of deliberation he finally did it!

Many of his customers followed, other chose not to – I guess the social aspect of a commercial gym has its appeal. I however, was one of the “followers”!

He let us know that he would be closing for December but IF anyone was keen to train alongside him he would be happy to have us join.

To be honest – my motivation to train in December was simple – Christmas pudding! I had eaten plenty and didn’t want to look like one!

What I found truly astounding was although the gym was “closed”, every session had up to 10 clients!
Of course we all had a good laugh at the fact that the poor man wanted “alone time” and landed up with us lot!
But the truth is this – he has created an amazing space, with a phenomenal vibe, so amazing and so phenomenal that none of his clients (myself included) WANTED to stay away!

I personally believe that his level of service, the results he produces and the fact that he does what he does from a “place of love and passion” feeds directly into all of us and is a testimony to the business he has built. CSI on Twitter

How do your clients feel about your business?
Can they bear to stay away?
Are they rearing to come to you?
What space have you created?
Do you produce results that people cannot get enough of?
And do you serve from a place of love and passion?
I truly believe that in doing all of the above YOU create an opportunity to build a team of loyal, raving fans!

I’d better dash – I don’t want to be late for today’s training session!


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