How to excite and delight your customers ….. Be a dog! – Sarah Bauling

Sarah Bauling profile picThey say, “A dog is man’s best friend”.
Being the proud owner of 5 dogs I have learnt a thing or two from them about customer service.

No matter what kind of day they’ve had, the moment we touch the front door they are there to greet us with wagging tails. They are so excited to have us around!

I’ll admit that sometimes it’s maddening, yet the truth is, it DOES feel good to be loved!

Dogs forget that you yelled at them for; chewing your shoes, dashing out the gate as you got home, and chasing the cat. They don’t hold grudges and are always truly happy to see you.
Sometimes it feels as if I have spent a month away from home the way they react!

So, when your clients call you or arrive in your store, be a dog!

Be truly excited and happy to see them, I’m not saying wag your tail and bark – that would just be weird!

It’s the concept about making them feel valued as if they are the most important people in your business and life!

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