Tim Plewman has a diverse and distinguished career as an actor, dancer, director, writer and producer.

His career began in 1978, taking over the leading role in the comedy, ‘Happy Birthday’, on condition that he was on in 48 hours. This feat accomplished, Tim has become one of the most sought after actors in South Africa. Now available to book through Conference Speakers

Tim Plewman - Entertainer

Tim Plewman has proven himself as both a comedy and a dramatic actor, starring in numerous diverse productions as ‘The Unexpected Guest’, ‘The Real Thing’, ‘Pyjama Tops’, ‘Who Goes Bare?’, ‘Hello, I’m 8’, ‘Two Into One’(Fleur de Cap Best Actor of the Year Award), ‘Doubles’ (Vita Comedy Award for Best Actor’, ‘Sextet’, ‘Not Now Darling’, Uproar in the House’ and ‘Pale Natives’.

The first actor in South Africa to win A ‘Best Actor’ award for farce genre of theatre, Tim has also starred in stage musicals such as ‘Joseph’, ‘Archy & Mehitabel’, ‘Snoopy!!!’, ‘Tom Foolery’, ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ and ‘Fangs’. He has written and produced comedies such as ‘Grin and Bare It’, ‘Eddie Eckstein Extravaganza’, ‘Historically Funny’, ‘Breakfast with Dad’, a play that honoured his friend, Rex Garner and ‘The Insatiables’ (Best Comedic Play Award).

Tim Plewman has directed many plays, including ‘Tom Foolery’ (TV), ‘Heel Against the Head’ (Best Comedy Production 1995), ‘My Brilliant Divorce’, ‘Doubles’, and ‘Certified Male’.

Tim Plewman and his wife Cathy, have produced 18 theatre shows and over 160 corporate theatre shows and videos. He is a proficient voice-over artist and he has taken leading roles in 6 TV series including ‘Golden City Dreams’ (Best Actor nomination) and with Bill Flynn in ‘The Carruthers Brothers’.

He won the Vita Award for Best Comedy Actor for his one-man show, ‘Defending the Caveman’ and it was number 7 in the Arts Category of the ‘Top 100 People in South Africa’, which re-wrote South African theatre history by breaking all South African show records.

Tim finally decided to hang up his skins after 9 years and 1544 sold-out performances.

Not prepared to take it easy, Tim wrote his first book, ‘Defending the Caveman’ and completed his second book on fitness for over 50’s, ‘Fitness for Old Farts’, which was released onto the bookshelves in May 2013 and it made it onto the Top 10 Best Seller’s List with Exclusive Books.

Alongside this, Tim’s new one man show, ‘Designer Genes XXL – Return of the Caveman’ is already a huge demand throughout South Africa.

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