Rahil Singh, just a mere 8 years old, had his debut drum solo performance on the 01st December 2012 at the Gandhi Hall in Lenasia, JHB for the Kashivta Showcase concert.

Rahil Singh

Since then he has performed at the Stanger Winter Fair, In Durban, June 2013, to Justin Biebers “ Baby Baby’ as well as a jazz drumless track called “Pure Acid” .

He then went on to open the Conference Speakers Showcase in Pretoria on the 01 August 2013, where he received a very well deserved standing ovation. Book through CSI

Being Women’s Month in August 2013, Rahil was asked to perform at the Democratic Alliance Women’s Network Women’s day Function held in Johannesburg South, where he received an overwhelming amount of support. He was actually surrounded by the crowd whilst he played.

On the 20th November 2013, he was asked to open the conference for the Auditor General of South Africa, where there were delegates from about 30 African countries present. He opened with the Ghostbusters theme song which was in line with the theme of the conference. What an accomplishment as he managed to get Auditors up on their feet and dancing!

Rahil Singh, born in Johannesburg, started playing drums at age two and had his first drum kit at age 1 where at that stage already, his drumming talent could be seen.

He started playing his first beat at 18 months.

Rahil Singh is a 4th generation musician as he comes from a family who has a strong musical background, as well as his father, Sacheen Singh who has been playing drums himself since age 7.

Rahil has also started attending the Georg Voros Rock School of drumming since July 2012 and is currently being tutored by Graeme Swael (A senior student of Georg’s).

Rahil Singh, in person comes across as a very shy and reserved child, but when on stage or playing drums he is extremely confident and in his element as he is very passionate about drumming and music. He is able to watch a video on T.V or listen to a song on radio and pick up the beat very quickly. He has an excellent ear for music and you will always find him tapping a beat wherever he is.

He is quite versatile as well, being able to play different genres of music with ease and having the style of music no being a barrier

Rahil Singh recently played for the first time as part of a band, and played along to Indian music for a wedding function.  he has also been privileged to meet international drummer Steve Ferrone( who has played for the likes of Michael Jackson, George Benson but to name a few) and also got to meet Justin Bieber’s drummer, Malvern Baldwin and keyboard player, Wizard.

Rahil with Malvern Baldwin and Wizard – Justin Bieber’s Drummer and Keyboardist and follow CSI on Twitter

Rahil Singh

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