End of Year Keynote Discounts from Daniel Silke

Following a record 2012, Daniel Silke is delighted to offer discounts on all last-minute bookings until December 23rd 2012.

This is a unique opportunity to hear Daniel’s expert take on the looming Mangaung Conference and the future of the ANC. “Mangaung & Beyond” is an essential analysis of the current state of South Africa’s politics, economics and expectations for the future. Alternatively, Daniel is currently previewing his new keynote, “The State of the World” before its official launch in 2013. This is South Africa’s most comprehensive analysis of global economic, political and social trends and is essential for understanding the volatile world we live in. This keynote was recently presented to the FNB Board and received great acclaim. Both these critically important presentations can now be booked at a not-to-be-repeated price – especially for the holiday season.

Daniel’s new “Lecture Menu” for 2013 will be available shortly. Be on the lookout for the launch of the new “State of the World” keynote that is likely to prove popular as a global economic, political and social scene-setter for any conference. Please note that Daniel offers one of the few political AND economic overviews of the budget and this sets his presentations apart. Companies increasingly are booking Daniel for the political context of the budget and this will naturally be available for the February (budget period).

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