“Emerging Worlds – The Future Matters Now” – Launching 1st August 2013 – Daniel Silke

dsThe world is at a crossroads. Emerging economies are growing whilst Europe continues to be in the economic doldrums. The rise of Africa and Asia currently offsets a lethargic performance from the United States. Dramatic population shifts are occurring and new countries are staking their claim in what will be an ultra-competitive global marketplace. Food security and climate change adds pressure and volatility while uncertainly competes with great opportunity. In this brand new keynote, the extent of global political, social and economic change will be discussed and analysed. From the dramatic growth of new cities and their new consumers to the largest middle-class expansion this planet has ever seen – this Keynote will inform, educate and entertain. Where will be the key economic growth points in the future? How is society changing? What are the essential challenges? Will China rule the world? Can Africa rise to the occasion? Will the USA return to growth? Will this really be the “Emerging Market Century” that so many have predicted? And, where does South Africa fit in this increasingly complex puzzle? All these issues are essential to not only building a better understanding of the world we live in – but also critical in developing strategy going forward. Listen to acclaimed Global Political Analyst, Author & Futurist Daniel Silke cover the world in 60 minutes.  Silke provides comments and analysis for the BBC, AFP, Reuters, CNBC, Bloomberg, Deutsche Welle, Business Day, Time Magazine and is quoted in media throughout the world. An essential contribution (and talking point) to any conference, convention or board strategy session.

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