Eat, Pay, Love – Nathasha Sutherland

Does your relationship with love, food or money control your life?

Do you keep tripping yourself up in negative relationships? Or do you booby trap the good ones? Are you a bad boy / femme fatale magnet?
Are you obsessed with what you put on your plate? Are you on endless diets? Do you have a love- hate relationship with food?
Does the concept of money intimidate you? Do you need an ‘investment book for dummies?’ ls it an ever elusive commodity?

If the answer is yes…or yes yes YES! then popular author and public speaker Natasha Sutherland’s latest motivational talk is for you. Originally called ‘Men, Mass and Money’, Natasha’s talk explores how to recognize and deconstruct negative blueprints that engulf our lives. ….so often we desperately bury ourselves in external things as a quick fix to make ourselves feel better internally.

‘Flight from the self allows for avoiding a confrontation with the void in the self’- Viktor Frankl

With refreshing insight and candid honesty Natasha takes a holistic look at how to break free from the ‘hamster wheel’ of destructive patterning.

‘Often the very thing that keeps us captive can become the key to unlocking success and meaning in our lives. Implementing the tools of conscious living can transform your life. We are all unique beings who have the power to transcend beyond the messy helplessness we feel we have become. It is possible to change your Stars. But are you up for the challenge?’ – Natasha Sutherland

‘Eat, Pay , Love’ launches next year 2012 –

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