Dr Samke J Ngcobo | Mental Health and Wellness Speaker

Dr Samke J Ngcobo is a dynamic, driven and passionate medical professional who has a passion for issues related to mental health advocacy and mental health psycho-education.

Samke is living with Bipolar Disorder since the age of 14 years old (for the past 21 years). I have a commendable work ethic and excellent interpersonal skills. She values purpose-driven living and creating a legacy that will benefit the greater good in the long-term through philanthropy.


  • A qualified medical doctor who has extensive years of work experience in the clinical field
  • She has 5 years of work experience of working in mental healthcare services in the department of psychiatry
  • Extensive work experience in working with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals namely psychologists, occupational therapists, dieticians, social workers and nursing staff. This level of engagement has enabled me to gain full context of a patients’ lived experiences and has broadened my understanding of an integrated approach towards wellness


Dr Samke is the author of a book called Reflections Of A Convoluted Mind: A journey with my mental illness. It was inspired by my desire to create an awareness and understanding about the life of someone who is living with a mental illness. I felt that I could share valuable insights as someone who lives with a mental illness and as a doctor to individuals like myself. The intention is to humanise this journey through sharing my thoughts and reflections related to it.


  • An experienced public speaker who has won numerous awards
  • A member of Toastmasters International and have garnered awards in the public speaking and evaluation contests


  • IPassionate about engaging with the corporate sector about mental health through my company called Vocal Mentality (Pty) Ltd that is focused on psycho-education, breaking stigma and empowering the audience which I engage with regarding mental illness and mental health.
  • She has presented psycho-educational talks for various organisations such as Standard Chartered Bank, Avis, Rand Merchant Bank and Coca-Cola, Anglo-American to name a few.
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Travels from: Johannesburg, Gauteng

Speaking Fee: from R25,000 – R35,000

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