Dorian Haarhof – Storyteller Speaker Facilitator

Now for something different…. hire Dorian Haarhof – Storyteller Speaker Facilitator  for your end of/beginning of year function. Dorian’s stories will entertain, enthuse, amuse, bemuse and inspire your staff and guests…get them connected … get them buzzing…he speaks with passion and panache…  

Dorian Haarhof - Storyteller Speaker FacilitatorDorian Haarhof – Storyteller Speaker Facilitator

When Dorian speaks and tells stories he walks on water – (Professor James Palmer, Univ of Colorado).

You left my team with the most awesome  energy that bounced off the walls for an entire week – (Pepe Marais, Creative Director, Joe Public)

Story-teller / Speaker

Dorian can talk on as many topics as there are stories (well, nearly) …. He has on several occasions been invited as a guest story-teller to the Conference on Word Affairs in Boulder, Colorado. He has presented story evenings for executives, donor agencies, medical doctors, teachers, researchers, street teenagers, Embassies, therapists, hospice workers, Aids counsellors and development organisations.

When I heard you speak I knew I had to have a conversation with this man – (Dr Leonard Shlain, surgeon and author of Art and Physics, Parallel Visions in Space, Time and Light)

Oom Schalk Lourens Alive….

Oom Schalk Lourens, story-teller extraordinaire and veld philosopher is the creation of the great South African writer, Herman Charles Bosman. Dorian who has presented Oom Schalk to international and local audiences, will regale you with tales of the Oom’s antics with leopards, stargazing, peach brandy, love potions and marathons. He climbs inside this veld philosopher and brings him alive.

Dorian Haarhof

You had us all captivated from the first yank of the trousers and snort of the nose. I have had wonderful feedback from the evening. You delighted the audience with all his foibles, which so accurately mirror our own –  (Patricia McNaught Davis  Events, Media and Marketing, Hospice Somerset West)

Dr Dorian Haarhoff… story-teller… writer… wordshop facilitator…mentor…

Dorian believes that we respond to stories because we are stories. Stories

  • entertain… entertain… entertain
  • inspire and motivate us
  • wake us up
  • bring the left (head) and right brain (heart)  into harmony
  • create community
  • induce change and transformation
  • challenge us to live a  larger life

Dorian Haarhof – Storyteller Speaker Facilitator

He believes in the ability of people to revitalise their workplace, build their communities and find their joy. He is a former Professor of English Literature (University of Namibia). Since 1998 he has run his own business, Creative Wordshops. Follow CSI on Twitter

re-story, re-create and  re-imagine your life and work

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