Desiree-Anne Martin – Wellness

Desiree-Anne Martin – Wellness believes in the inherent ability for anyone to change. Her mantra is that there is hope, always and she is a wellness facilitator along with her colleague, Karlien Terblanche who is an Occupational Therapist experienced in working with individuals, groups and corporate companies. 

She is an addictions and general counselor, and has worked together with adults and adolescents to help them overcome drug and alcohol dependence, eating disorders, sex, gambling and other self-defeating behaviors for the past 12 years. She works with family members affected by addiction too, as no lives are ever left untouched by the illness

Desiree-Anne Martin

Workplace Wellness 101

Workplace Wellness is a workshop for forward-thinking companies who want to invest in the wellness of their employees. It is perfect for teams where high levels of stress, high absenteeism rates or low productivity have been identified. It can also form part of a preventative strategy for a workplace to make their employees more resilient to stress and burn-out.


  • Creating an understanding of the basics of workplace wellness for employees, in order to improve productivity, reduce absenteeism and create a creative and mentally healthy workforce.

Who should attend?

  • All employees

What does the training programme comprise of?

  • Understanding the foundation building blocks of health and wellness (including suspected substance use and alcoholism)
  • Identifying what is needed to create a healthy foundation in the workplace
  • Understanding the impact of stress on the individual and the team
  • How to identify an employer who is engaging in self-defeating behavior
  • Identifying which building blocks are under stress and addressing the ‘missing pieces’ in health and wellness
  • Thinking forward: rebuilding the foundation

Duration of Workshop: Half day or full day

Desiree-Anne Martin – Wellness

Mental Health and Addiction in the Workplace

This workshop is designed designed to assist management in understanding and managing mental illness and addiction in the workplace. The aim is to reduce harm and to support employees suffering from a mental illness and addiction, so that the company can ensure a productive workforce while reducing staff turnover and addressing stigma.

Title: Mental Health and Addiction in the Workplace.

  • The objective of this workshop is to assist team leaders, head of departments and managers to understand the basics of mental illness and addiction, identify employees at risk, as well as gain practical understanding of a model that guides both primary and secondary prevention of mental illness in the workplace,

Who should attend?

  • Managers, team leaders, head of departments, HR officers


  • Why mental health matters
  • Recognising mental illness in the workplace
  • Recognising addiction in the workplace
  • Stigma
  • Laws and legislation (including addiction)
  • Mental health policy
  • The grid model prevention – Case study application
  • Practical tools for employers and employees
  • Self-care checklist for employees
  • Mental health checklist for employers
  • Guidelines to navigating difficult conversations
  • How to conduct an intervention and refer an employee
  • The Road Ahead – creating a clear strategy

Duration of the training programme: Full day.

Please view Desiree’s full Keynote profile – Here

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