Derek Watts, well-known TV co-anchor of Carte Blanche; -South   Africa’s most successful local television production brings us a presentation that is interesting, different and unique.

Carte Blanche and Derek Watts have become legends over the last ten years with the world class coverage they have given the South African public on local and international news and stories alike.  Sometimes devastating and sometimes heart warming, but never dull, this is what we have come to expect from Carte Blanche. Derek is now available to book through Conference Speakers

Derek Watts

The mind boggles about some of the fascinating experiences that both Derek Watts and his team must have had over the years and now we have the privilege of hearing about them first hand. During his time with this successful production, Derek has covered the broadest spectrum of journalism ranging from interviewing world leaders and celebrities, to visiting war torn parts of the world and enjoying extraordinary experiences in out of the way places.

During this presentation, Derek gives us a sneak preview of what it takes to put a production like Carte Blanche together, who does what, where and when, and more importantly shares some of his most interesting stories and intimate moments the audience.

Accompanied by actual video footage of the events, the presentation includes overviews of adventure stories such as ‘The South African Ascent on Mt Everest’, ‘The George Washington Aircraft Carrier’ story and ‘Diving with Whale Sharks’.  Over and above this, he discusses the intricacies of placing hidden camera’s in secret spots to get the real facts on scams and stories and shows the audience some of the unique footage gained when covering ‘The Post Office Scandal’, ‘Turning Back the Mileage Clock on Cars’,  ‘The Car Parts scam’ and more recently the ‘The Casino Conman’.

And as if that’s not enough, Derek also shares his experiences of some of the most extraordinary people he has ever met whilst doing interviews.  These include ‘Alison’ from Port Elizabeth who survived a brutal rape and abduction, ‘W. Mitchell’ a paraplegic who nearly burned to death and who is one of the worlds top motivational speakers and finally our very own ‘Gaynor Young’ who fell from the rafters at the Pretoria State Theatre.

Derek Watts is in demand as an Emcee as well and delights his audiences with bloopers about Carte Blanche between takes. Follow CSI on Twitter

Derek Watts
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