Decide to Finish – Quinton Douman

The idea of keeping the promises you make to yourself is significant to me because for a big part of my life I carried with me a propensity to leave things incomplete; always full of excitement in the beginning, speaking with conviction about the things I was going to achieve and yet in so many instances I did not have the resolve to finish. Slowly but surely I began to lose all faith and confidence in my ability to keep the promises I made to myself which ultimately led to the weakening of my self-respect.

Now, working closely with sales teams I see more and more how people change over a period of time as their self-respect deteriorates, you see it in their eyes, in the way they walk and definitely in the way they talk… all of a sudden the guy that use to be the life of the management team a few years ago oozes negativity all because his new frame of reference is a recollection of all the things he said he would do but didn’t.

The sad truth is that if you don’t finish what you started you will not respect yourself.

There is an obvious distinction between winning and finishing and as far as self-respect is concerned it does not really matter in the bigger scheme of things as to whether you win or not but it matters that you finish.

It is almost time to say good-bye to the year that was and for some people the best thing they will do for themselves before this year ends is to get back their self-respect…

3 Decisions that will help you finish

1. Decide to commit only to goals, projects and assignments that are aligned to your highest VALUES
2. Decide to fill your diary with activities that bring you closer to the achievement of your VISION – it becomes easy to resist the temptation of doing things that add no value to your life when you are 100% clear on what your VISION is.
3. Decide to improve your life or your business “ONE HABIT AT A TIME” – We all know that our daily habits ultimately dictate the results we achieve but what some people forget is that habit formulation is a long process and to give yourself the best chance at succeeding you need to tackle them one at a time – in our Black Belt personal development program we suggest repeating the specific action/habit for 100 consecutive days before moving onto the next one.

There’s still 6 weeks left in 2015, which may still be enough time for you to finish some of the things you started this year. Identify the goals that you value the most, give it your best effort and commitment for the next 6 weeks and start 2016 with a sense that your self-respect is on its way up.

There is someone out there who needs a good friend, a mentor or a colleague to look them in the eyes and tell them “Don’t you dare give up!” I would like to be that person for you today and say to you, “Don’t you dare give up on your goals!” – “I know it is tough BUT DON’T YOU DARE GIVE UP!”

There is a brand new, fresh, better than ever feeling of self-respect waiting for you if you will finish what you started.


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