Debora Patta in line for an Emmy

Debora chatted to us telephonically from Turkey to give us the exciting news….

Seasoned South African journalist Debora Patta, who has been taking the world by storm as the Africa correspondent for US-based CBS News, has been nominated for a prestigious News and Documentary Emmy Award.

For more than two decades Patta’s name has been synonymous with fearless reporting.  The Emmy nomination comes after Patta’s recent stint in ebola-ravaged Liberia.

She became a household name in SA after she spent more than a decade as the executive producer and presenter of’s former flagship current affairs programme 3rd Degree.

Joburg-based Patta said she was excited about her nomination for the award. The mother of two young girls, Patta said fear of the unknown was what concerned her the most.

“When covering war and violence one knows the danger will recede, but with Ebola the danger is hidden,” Patta said.

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