Dean McCoubrey

A parent of teens and pre-teens, Dean McCoubrey has been an expert in traditional, digital and social media for over 20 years. From this perspective, he realised that kids could benefit from guidance around the evolving nature of the media. His passion is education and guidance for young learners to develop their awareness and resilience.

Founder of MySociaLife, SA’s Premier Digital Life Skills Program in Schools.
Writer, editor, and owner of long-time journalism hub, Mediaweb South Africa.

With 20 years experience as a media strategist for industry leaders, and owner of Journalism Hub, MediawebSA, Dean McCoubrey possesses vast experience and insight into news media, the app landscape, smart technology and social media.

Working with a Brains Trust of neuroscientists, psychologists and cognitive therapists he turned two decades of expertise towards his ‘Digital Life Skills & Media Literacy’ Program for teens and pre-teens, MySociaLife.

Passionate about education and human potential, he speaks internationally on the mental and emotional impact of media and devices on children, with MySociaLife being recognised as a leading advocate of online safety.

Dean McCoubrey believes that tweenagers who become safer, smarter ‘digital citizens’ will stand out (and excel) – based upon a robust blend of digital values and soft skills in this demanding and competitive new decade.


MySociaLife takes corporates and medium-size businesses through the labyrinth of potential social media pitfalls, unpacking how ubiquitous smart devices offer the promise of efficiency and skills development in the one hand, and distraction and reputational risk in the other. Moreover, as specialists in how this predicament has come about, we help managers and executives understand the reality of what is happening in the workplace, and how little so many adults know and understand with respect to bringing the brand into disrepute and destroying years of brand marketing.

In addition, we examine the more invisible emotional and mental wellness consequences spanning self-esteem, anxiety, depression, as well as workplace intimidation, racism and sexism.

Finally, we look at (ironically) the apps and technology that can help the workplace find a healthy and productive balance with technology and provide a clear set of guidelines – including relevant additions to internal social media policies – that may prevent a crisis.

Digital Life Skills & Media Literacy

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A World-Class Framework

  • We are partnered with world leaders in online safety and digital citizenship, ensuring the highest quality curriculum to upgrade your school’s digital culture. MySociaLife travelled to New York to partner with both The World Economic Forum and Common Sense Media.
  • We gathered a Brains Trust of top psychologists, privacy and security advocates, and a sexologist to test our assumptions and our training modules.
  • Finally, every term we ask our cohort of (several thousand) students to constructively criticize the content, Their feedback helps us to remain hyper-relevant to the various age groups we serve.
Booking Requirements

Please note all fees exclude travel and accommodation where required.

  • Cape Town Rate: R20 000.00
  • Out of Town Rate: R25 000.00

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