David Shapiro - Economic Speaker

David Shapiro – Economic Speaker is Deputy Chairman of Sasfin Securities (Pty) Ltd. He joined the stock market in 1972, shortly after qualifying as a Chartered Accountant.

On top of his executive duties he manages private client money and runs two small unit trusts – The Sasfin TwentyTen Fund and The Sasfin Equity Fund. Book David through Conference Speakers.






David Shapiro – Economic Speaker

David comments daily on the stock market on East Coast Radio, Radio 702 and Alec Hogg’s SAFm Market Update. Follow Conference Speakers on Twitter


He also appears weekly on Summit and CNBC, writes a regular business column for The Times, a daily newspaper and has been engaged to draw a monthly caricature for Investors Monthly, a new business magazine.


David Shapiro – Economic Speaker

David Shapiro explores the virtues and defects of federalism as it has developed in this country from a variety of perspectives that include historical, constitutional, economic, social, and political considerations.

Using the dialectical form adopted by advocates trying a case before a court, Shapiro not only examines the strongest arguments on the two principal sides of the issue but also probes the potential value of the dialectical process itself.


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