Danny K & Kabelo Mabelane

Danny K & Kabelo Mabalane have proven themselves to be far more than platinum selling, award-winning artists. Having conquered the music business the pair have transitioned into commerce, successfully launching and running a host of companies in a variety of sectors.

The uber creative and innovative duo have used their celebrity status to create one of South Africa’s most dynamic social cohesion initiatives SHOUT. Now 12 years on SHOUT has donated tens of millions to education and welfare.

They are the epitome of what the modern thinking, optimistic and committed South African citizen should be, now available through Conference Speakers

Danny K & Kabelo Mabelane
Danny K & Kabelo Mabelane



  1. Stereotypes and Stereotype Threats
  2. Self Introspection
  3. Bias & Unconscious Bias
  4. Privilege – More than skin Deep
  5. Diversity and Inclusion – turning difference to dividends
  6. Decoding racism – safeguards, strategies, understanding

Danny K & Kabelo Mabelane will take you on a journey of their lives, sharing their radically different upbringings, cultures and experiences. They will show how in spite of being world’s apart they were able to come together and successfully build one of the most highly influential and recognised partnerships in modern pop culture.

Their unlikely story is used as a backdrop to highlight and address the many challenges brought about by our diverse landscape. An entertaining, enlightened and sober look at the state of where we are as a country, people and business – the talk uses song, storytelling and theory to address some of the most hard hitting and critical conversations we need to be having as South Africans. The keynote will leave you inspired and challenged to access your humanity.

Danny K and Kabelo’s dynamic keynote combined with an intimate masterclass truly accelerates your companies’ transformation potential. Allow them to get up close and personal with your company as they create a new energy and understanding in your organisation. Bringing best practices and insights from some of the worlds leading thinkers in the space they add their unique voice and application to an area that needs urgent and immediate attention. In consultation with representatives from your company the duo will custom build a masterclass intervention resulting in meaningful resolution to your challenges.

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