Daniel Silke’s latest keynote “The State We’re In – South African Politics & Economics in 2013”

South Africans live in exceptional times. South African politics is changing. Economic pressures are mounting. Citizens are under financial pressure. And government is reacting. These key features of the country in the first quarter of 2013 will set the scene for a dramatic, tempestuous and exciting period in advance of the 2014 General Election.

The new Agang political movement announced by Mamphele Ramphele together with the elevation of Cyril Ramaphosa within the ANC adds to the intriguing mix as does the state of government coffers and implementing plans to create a more efficient public service capable of delivering. Economic pressures & further threats of ratings downgrades create tensions & a fresh impetus to kickstart the economy. Add to this mix ongoing questions around Leadership, the role of Trade Unions and the urgency of implementing the National Development Plan and it is evident that a watershed period is upon us.

Don’t miss Daniel Silke’s latest South African political and economic keynote that delve deeply into all these issues. Acclaimed recently by both Old MutualMomentum and ABSA, Daniel Silke’s latest presentation title “The State We’re In” is a critical primer for any conference, convention or corporate getaway. Book now for the latest political and economic trends –  all in one 50 minute keynote.

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