Daniel Silke – Year End Address

Forthcoming highlights for early 2013 by Daniel Silke. More details will follow in the next few weeks.

  • A new flagship keynote “The State of the World: Making Sense of Global Volatility” will be launched. This is ideal as a conference opener or scene-setter as it takes a look at the current economic, political and social trends in the world today and analyses their impact on business into the future. This is a cutting-edge talk from a global perspective and can be sold with other talks more specifically centered around South African issues. It is suitable for a wide range of audiences and industries.
  • With the ANC’s Mangaung conference around the corner, a new Keynote title “The Post-Mangaung South Africa” will be launched immediately following the December conference. This talk will reflect on the impact and influence of the Mangaung conference on South African politics as well as prospects for political change in the future. Please note that this is a very topical and time-sensitive topic and can be publicised very specifically from now and throughout the first quarter of 2013.
  • With a view to the South African budget in February 2013, a special budget-oriented keynote will be available which combines South Africa’s political future with key economic issues facing the country. This is still one of the few political presentations that would be ideal for budget breakfasts or events at that time and poses an alternative to the purely economic talks normally presented. Please book early for this.

Following a record-setting year, these new keynotes along with constantly revised and updated existing topics are set to keep clients informed throughout the coming year.

To book Daniel, email: kirsty@conferencespeakers.co.za or shannon@conferencespeakers.co.za

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