Daniel Silke – Special Fee up to 7th May 2014

10% off until May 7th (Election day) for Daniel Silke’s South African political keynotes

Election 2014 – Towards a Political Watershed

Four weeks from today, South Africans go to the polls in an historic general election that could have profound ramifications for business and the country into the future.

Political Analyst and Director of Political Futures Consulting Daniel Silke is pleased to offer a special late-booking pre-election discount of 10% off his normal fee for all events taking place until Election day – the 7th May 2014.

The keynote covers a full analysis of the expected vote for the major political parties like the ANC and DA and for newcomer, the EFF. It also analyses the future of President Zuma and looks forward 5 years to the 2019 period to assess some of the important political changes in the offing.


Please see Business Day Online press coverage from today of a keynote address that Daniel Silke delivered last night:


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