Daniel Silke Scores with Keynote on Dubai

DanielPolitical Economy Analyst Daniel Silke has just returned from Dubai where he spoke at the prestigious Arabian Hotel Investment Conference alongside industry leaders. This event is the premier hospitality gathering in Dubai and is especially important given the region’s tourism expansion.

Daniel delivered the opening keynote address on Global Trends and the Hospitality Industry. In the fast-paced 40-minute presentation, Silke outlined a host of business trends and how they applied to the sector.

The keynote was widely praised by audience members from both Gulf and Western participants.

A summary and report of the keynote appears here:


Additional coverage at:


Daniel now offers a host of brand-new keynotes on current political economic trends across the world. His “Emerging Worlds” presentation which deals with the rise of emerging markets and the developing world is in great demand and will be presented in Amsterdam next week.

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