Daniel Silke presents: Business Shock – 60 facts in 60 minutes to change your business!

2e1ax_vintage_entry_Business-Shock-SilkeIt may be a cliché that the world of business is changing more rapidly than ever. But, do you know the scope of this change? Are your employees, delegates and management team informed about the enormity of global change that is shifting the mindsets of the future?

In his latest, fast-paced, exciting and invigorating new conference keynote, Political Analyst, Author & Global Futurist Daniel Silke will present 60 key facts in 60 minutes that will shake and shift your world into the future.

Fully illustrated and referenced, Silke will travel around the world explaining how population trends will impact future decision-making. He will look at the latest insights into consumer behaviour; how technology is shifting our habits and how the rise of new super-powers will alter the global economic landscape.

Silke will also address political, educational and generational changes that will dramatically alter the way we think and operate. Above all else, this is a challenging, sometimes shocking, yet immensely entertaining keynote that raises 60 issues for any business in any industry.

How you react to Silke’s 60 challenges will determine whether you sink or swim into the future. This might just be the most important 60 minutes you and your delegates will spend!

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